Bistro am Südplatz

Welcome to the Bistro am Südplatz – a charming, go-to gathering place.

The cosy atmosphere makes this the perfect place for a drink with friends or for catching up together after a long journey. You’ll find people from all over the world here – travellers, adventure seekers, walkers, guests from nearby hotels and many more, all enjoying the leafy views of the Circle as night falls. And that’s not all: the buzz of the Bistro am Südplatz inspires reflection on life and whets your appetite for upcoming adventures.

Every day, we provide a genuine, laid-back welcome and mix you our finest signature drinks. Besides our cocktails, there’s aromatic coffee, savoury snacks like cubanos or nachos, and generously filled sandwiches. Head here for a relaxed lunch break or stop by to gather your thoughts after a hard day’s work.

Finally, we also offer entertainment for an extra-special experience. Young literary talents, comedians and musicians all appear on stage here.